Wednesday, May 28, 2008

First Day of Life??

So today was my first day NOT at a High Schooler even though technically I don't graduate till May 30th. Anyways so I'm suppose to be on the phone with The Art Institute of Schaumburg but they have not yet called 13 minutes late so far. But they are really expensive and I doubt I could pay for it, around 21k a year just for classes that's not counting the housing. (15 mins late) Today I woke up at 7:38pm which sucks because I really wanted to sleep in. 

Just got my call. I'm not going. 
Also I just mowed the front lawn xD.

Anyways back to what I was saying I went to Fort Custer today, caught more bugs and what not good times.  Welp I'm done for now maybe i'll add more tonight.


florencia conde said...

coool i guess i must say congratulations =D .
at least you woke up one hour later than me. I wake up everyday at 6.30 =(
i voted photography bbecause i think is a cool career. i'll probably study medicine when i finish the high school, but i have like 3 years to think about it =D.
teeeeell me where are you from?

Cody Ryan Hough said...

Well I'll make a blog about it :D lol

Cody Ryan Hough said...

Also I meant to say 7:30am xD