Thursday, May 29, 2008


So today I got the news my grandfather is NOT  attending my graduation. I also go the information yesterday afternoon that my mom is getting out of jail for the day so she can see me graduate. She is currently in jail because of drinking and driving count 3. I have a very small family: My father died when I was 3 (lucky number huh?), the Hough side of the family doesn't talk to me, my mom's in jail, my grandmother and grandfather are divorced, I live with my grandmother, my grandmother's side of the family doesn't talk to us, my grandpa's side of the family doesn't talk to me, my uncle disappeared, etc. Crazy. 

So tomorrow I graduate, I have to be at Shaw Auditorium at 6pm (eastern [usa]). That should be exciting, SHOULD be. After that we go to "Grad. Bash" I think i'm more interested in that than the actual graduation. My suit is blue shirt with blue brown tie, School colors are brown and white. 

So no one told me what to blog about but one person did ask me where I am from I thought I would answer this more in depth because I can lol. 

I was born in Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America, I lived there for 3-4 months then moved to Portage, Michigan, USA. My mother and I lived with my grandma till was 5 then we moved to Gull Lake, Michigan, USA. We lived there till I was 7 when we moved to Galesburg, Michigan, USA. We lived there till I was 15 (8th grade) when we moved to Carmel, Indiana, USA. We lived there for half a year and moved back to Portage, Michigan, USA. I am graduating High School from Portage Northern High. Hope that answered the question!!

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