Monday, May 26, 2008

First Blogger Blog

So this is my first Blogger blog, back in my sophomore year I use to have a Live Journal but I never used it. I don't really know how to start this so I guess I'll just list the things that have happened today then I'll update with more important stuff every once and awhile. So here goes nothing. 

* I found a place to sell/buy/trade insects even though the only reason I like that is because I have some extras. 
* I watched Juno & The Mummy
* Was bored as hell!!
*Now I'm off to finish The Mummy and mess around on Facebook/Myspace


florencia conde said...

hiiii. I guess you dont expect to receive any comments today, but here i aaaam.
im so boored -.-
and i didnt understand the Insects thing xP.
i dont kno if you'll be able to comment my blog cause its a private blog >.< .
but, i dont care. xP
nice pic.

sorry if my talk is a little bit weird but im from argentina so may be i make some mistakes in my writing xD byyyyyyyyyyye (:

Cody Ryan Hough said...

Hey!! I take pictures of insects and use to help my school by starting a collection. But yeah more about my school in today's blog. But i've been trying to sell some of the specimens and now I can.