Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Isle Royale and the Southwestern Winter

Hey everyone looks like it was a little while between blogs again, my car was broke and I'm just going to say that was the reason I couldn't reach my computer haha. Anyways now for the real important stuff. Like I said I'll be up in Isle Royale this August so if you're going to be up there you know you have island company. My BIG problem right now is the trying to figure out how to save money to travel to Fort Worth, Texas. There's a girl there that has captured my heart for more than a year now and I would LOVE to go visit but here's the problem.... Money. I'm pretty much up for anything besides selling my Mac and or not going to Isle Royale. Freelance photography.... not exactly the money mine that people think it is.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Broken Mac

Sorry for the long delay between post my Mac had a problem and had to go away for a little while. At first I was freaked out about it but it turns out the particular problem I had was quite common and Apple was willing to fix it for free with absolutely no charge, no shipping, nothing. I'm off the market now when I went to Ionia I asked Jenna out so all is well in that department. She's incredibly smart it's pretty awesome. LaShay has my family cook book and I'm currently waiting for her to get over her to give it back. Not that I have anything to do today. I'll probably play some xbox live. My gamer tag is IvanTortuga if you ever want to add me or just to check out what I play/etc. Well I'm off!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Adventure Land

Yesterday I went to Taco Bobs and saw Adventure land. AL wasn't exactly the funniest movie ever but it was still really good, I recommend it. It was too windy to really do anything else though so this blog is going to be really short haha.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Slappin' da Bass

Today Jake and I decided to go to Lexington Green Park and do a little "jam session" it's the first time we've ever played "music" together and sounded quite horrible. One reason is because I haven't played the didgeridoo that long and haven't gotten the whole circular breathing thing down the other reason is well we suck, haha. We decided we should continue to practice and get better so that's what we're doing. On a much cooler note Tim Tams are now sold in Targets in the US so we went out and bought some. We then went down to Panera and got some coffee and did our first Tim Tam Slams and OHHHHMYYYGOD it was heaven. I LOVE Tim Tams and may now have an addiction.