Friday, May 30, 2008

Count Down

So here I am at 12:12pm waiting for several things. My mom should be getting here soon, well she gets out of jail at noon and then my grandma is going to take her to get some nicer clothes for graduation. I have to be out the door to get to graduation at 5pm I have to go pick up Jacob so that we can get to Shaw and go through all that senior pre-graduation graduation stuff. Then after graduation we have to boot it back to Portage Northern High so that we can go to Grad Bash I really hope that's not as fucking lame as some people say it is. But once again we will see. I'm still pretty tired and I have to stay up all night so I'm probably going to get some energy drink(s) before graduation but then I'll be all jittery :/ dang. So hmmmmm I also wonder what I should eat for lunch lol. Well I don't really have much else to say so while you wait for me to get back go look at this:

They NEED help so don't be shy!!!

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