Wednesday, July 2, 2008


So nothing has been happening in my life lately, not at all. I went to the zoo last week. I guess that's something. I'm currently reading Tales From Nowhere by Don George (and other random writers). It's pretty good makes me want to do some traveling.......more than I already want to. I've been putting a lot of stuff up on ebay too. But besides that I've just been sitting back and being single. Can't really seem to find anyone -shrugs- and that, to me, is a shame. Does anyone know anyone?? lol. But seriously I'm tired of being single. Also I REALLY want to travel. I need a nice trustworthy foreign girl, then I could travel to see her. Well that's enough person ranting for tonight. Night.

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Brittni said...

Aww don't stress being single...just be happy where ur at in ur life right (single and all) and then the right person will come =].
But if you wanted to just expand ur circle or meet new people period, you could go to places that u like to go to, but go in like a different town or something, so you won't see people that u already know!