Friday, June 13, 2008


I got home yesterday afternoon at around 6pm. I was originally going to do my blog then but I decided I was much to tired for that. So now It's story time!

I left Tuesday morning at 6am and drove to Jake's house. He loaded his stuff into the car and we were off. I wasn't quite sure if my car could even make it. Living around 500 miles away from Niagara Falls, New York driving there wasn't completely the best idea for my beat up old car. I mean when I left the "Check Engine" light was already on.  We drove straight through the bottom portion of Michigan with no problems. We entered Indiana and left almost as fast as we got there. But then the fun started, we entered Ohio's Toll roads. We estimated getting to Cleveland would cost $6.50 (which is of course what it cost). They have some amazing "Service Plazas" in Ohio, which are just REALLY nice rest areas. We got stuck in a traffic jam in Cleveland due to what we think was an accident. While in the Traffic Jam we decided to play some Bob Marley and other such artist over our radio quite loud. This was the first time during the entire first day it WASN'T raining. After the traffic jam we still had quite a bit of Ohio to traverse. Then we entered Erie County Pennsylvania. We stopped at a rest area collected 5ish bugs, then we were off again. Soon as we left the PA rest area it started raining again. A few hours later we showed up in Buffalo, New York and then Niagara Falls, New York. Our original plan was to speed the night in Fourmile State Park but we changed our mind due to the weather and stayed in the local Hampton Inn. 

After making sure we had a room we decided to just view the falls right there and then because the rain stopped and that would mean we could see more the next day. So we went to the falls (see above picture) and what can I say it was amazing. They are huge!! I can't even explain how nice they were in this blog.

Back to something I can explain the Inn. They had a swimming pool!! It was only 5ft at the deepest part. Jake and I were the only people using the pool besides a man and his 10ish year old daughters. The beds were pretty much amazing!! We then, at about 11pm, ordered a pizza it was good but not the best. Then went to sleep.

The next day we left at about 9:30am going south trying to figure out what we wanted to see. We ended up in Stony Brook State Park, New York. It was an amazing place with this one long creek that runs through it. The park is located in Dansville, I recommend checking it out if you ever get the chance.

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