Wednesday, June 4, 2008


ANOTHER boring day off. Graduating sure did make things boring as hell xD. At least I get to sleep. I usually wake up between 1pm and 3pm then I do nothing all day. I bought a CD set that should teach me Spanish, I hope it works. Kalamazoo Valley Community College screwed up my financial aid stuff so I may very likely be volunteering overseas next year NOT going to college. What ever ends up happening though I'll be in college the fall of '09 NOT in Michigan. Hm there really isn't anything else to say right now so I'll "write" more later.


florencia conde said...

espero que aprendas español con el cd así puedo escribirte más cosas :P

hope you understand,
:P, kissees

Cody Ryan Hough said...

I also hope I learn, lol yes then you could write more :D