Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Toledo Zoo

So today My Grandma, Mom, Brother (Wesley, 9) and I went to Toledo Zoo, Ohio. We saw quite the variety of animals; Elephants, Rhinos, Snow Leopards, Lions, Tigers and Bears oh my. There's a very humorous sign that read "Coins Kill Ducks" I mean the meaning behind it was horribly sad I mean the fact that people are trying to feed coins to the ducks AND the fact that people would just leave their crap all around the zoo grounds. Everyone at the zoo was incredibly rude, there were countless people shoving into me and several times people would walk right in front of me while I was trying to take a picture. It killed me! All the animals were so depressed looking :( in their small cages
and hot, people tapping on the glass even though there were hundreds of "Do not tap" Signs. As we were leaving a storm started rolling in. Over the loud speaker a man said "there is a severe storm coming into the area please seek shelter at either the Gift shop or one of the enclosed animal shelters such as the aquarium or reptile area". Seeing as we were leaving and were right next to the gift shop we went and looked around. People started coming in panicked and pretty scared looking. So we started wondering what was going on, then over someone's radio someone said "keep everyone away from the windows". After a few more moments a man rushed in and told everyone that we had to go to another building. He lead us outside and into the offices and out the back door where we ran to another building. Once inside this small house sized office area we were all shoved into a small basement. Luckily for me I was able to stay in the office itself as the picture depicts. There was a TV in the room and I was able to watch the storm pass. The kids in the picture were also in the basement when the TV was on the only people in the particular room were a few workers and my family. After the storm let up we were aloud to leave and head out to our hotel. Also on another note heres a quote I found and absolutely love.

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