Friday, March 27, 2009


I thought I'd give anyone a quick update about my backpacking seeing as I mentioned Isle Royale but really didn't go into ANY detail. For the last few months I've been using ebay to sell of my larger possessions I don't really use any more. I bought a large Expedition backpack through National Geographic but seeing as it's from NG it's mostly a camera bag so seeing as I don't need to carry a bunch of camera stuff I sold that and I sold my Magic the Gathering cards (childhood collection & memories). Between those two things and much a of small things I made enough for the gear ill be needing, my family keeps giving me little things too so that's helpful. My backpack is a Firefly from Outdoor Products. My sleeping bag is a three season sleeping bag from Meijer, I went meijer because it's quite a bit cheaper hope that doesn't come back and bite me in the ass. I bought my tent through ebay, it's a Eureka Apex 2. It is yellow, not exactly my favorite color but lets think about it this way if I'm lost and need something to signal with a bright yellow tent will help more than a dark green one. The buyer I bought it through is northernoutdoorsupply and I've been having some problems with them. I bought the item on Saturday and they say they use USPS and Priority shipping (2-3 days), it's day 6 not including Sunday. Today I asked where my tent was and they replied by saying they don't ship on Saturdays and that there is a 1-2 warehouse waiting period, according to this it should be here today. So I asked once again what was up with that and they replied by saying they looked into and were going to give me $10 back and I said okay because hell if I'm not going to get at least $10 back. I am currently still waiting for the $10 let's see if they follow through. I only a few more things including; Small light weight pan, Food (ill wait to buy that), Sleeping pad, rope & a plastic groundsheet for my tent. I estimate that I will have a few dollars left over which would be nice seeing as the Isle Royale entrance fee is $4 a day not including the ferry which will cost between $114 and $128.

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