Monday, May 18, 2009

Northern Michigan University

So now that I'm settled in and out of class and such I guess I'll inform everyone about what's going on. I arrived in Marquette on the 14th with my mom and grandma and they stayed up here till my birthday on the 16th so that we could do some around the town "where is everything at" stuff. It snowed on the 16th but the 15th was a beautiful day so I didn't mind too much. So far I've said "hi" to about 4 people, I don't bump into many people and things are fairly quiet. My class is MU 125, Music in Society, today was the first day so I had to wake up at 7am which was a complete change from my normal "don't wake me up before 10" deal. When I got there it wasn't that big of a class MAYBE 20 people, I think less or at least it feels that way. The professor commented on my signature by asking "are you premed?" which made me smile to which I said "no I'm a zoology major" then he goes ".... all you scientist have the same writing" which made me laugh to myself he was trying to be nice not mean like it might seem. On the 17th the day before class started I went for a hiking trip over to Hogsback Mountain. Once I finally made it to the summit I was completely taken back by the beautiful scenery, You could see for miles in every direction, I loved it.

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