Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Starting a 101 project!

Okay everyone, lets face it sometimes we all need a little motivation to do things, even things we already want to do. One great example of mine would be to finish War & Peace, which I have started multiple times just to put down and forget about till the next time I see it sitting around. I found the "Day Zero" project and I feel like it's just what I need 101 things in 1001 days. Now just to think about what 101 things I want to accomplish. Off to the drawing board I go!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I'm up at Northern Michigan University this is week two of classes. I'm taking a math class, biology lecture and lab and an english class. The math class is 090 which is basically pre-college, I haven't really taken any math in awhile so that's why I'm there it's almost too simple and a lot of the concepts are just like "DUH" but I have to start somewhere right? My english teacher goes through the room and rips everyone's papers apart but never really says anything about mine, he just put's little "yes" marks on my papers about what he likes, it's sort of weird. The biology lecture is actually REALLY good and I can find myself enjoying the professor without a problem. I was invited to Vancouver, Izmir, and Paris in the last week all from friends. Evsen in Izmir was an exchange student that I met in school and Jenna is studying in Paris.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Financial Aid & College

As stated on other post I am currently enrolled at Northern Michigan University. Yes, I'm a freshmen but not for long. Unlike most people changing "grades" on a yearly basis, I change in the winter. This is because I went to Kalamazoo Valley Community College for a semester and took summer courses at NMU. I'm currently taking Mythology so I can get another liberal studies requirement out of the way, I did the same thing with Music in Society. Just another refresher, or for those of you who haven't read anything else on my blog, I'm a Zoology major minoring in International Studies.
Anyways back to the point of this particular blog, financial aid. Every time I have gone to receive aid I always have issues. With KVCC I didn't receive any because I was not seeking to gain a degree from their school. For summer courses at NMU my aid came to late forcing me to pay out of my own pocket (I am getting refunded for what I paid), and for fall my aid was "cancelled" but and I am currently waiting to see what's happening there. I contacted the office to see what was going on and the lady told me that they just needed to verify my paper work. Basically I hear issues with financial aid offices all the time. My friend is currently taking a break because he had major issues as well. He went to Western Michigan University and will not be returning, when he starts again he will be going to a new school. I guess this is more a of a 'ack! rant than blog but either way it keeps me stress free haha.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

KL on College

Okay so KL strikes again! This is our discussion on schools. Beware this one is a tad bit lengthier. By the way when I talk to her my grammar takes a critical hit (wow that was nerdy).

Me - I just took an exam and I totally got a 80% and I haven't even read like half of it.
KL - Online?
Me - mhm online.
KL - I have to start online school soon to get my diploma. haha
Me - It's sometimes harder than in person school because you can't be like "HEY WAIT WHAT". I need a conclusion for my paper. tralala
KL - But you can email them if you need help.
Me - Yeah of course *nods* but you can't just stop them in the middle of class. ya know?
KL - I never did that anyways, I was too shy.
Me - Me too :/ haha. Well except in classes I knew the teachers very well.
KL - Me too hehe but I don't feel comfortable around most teachers, just the fun ones.
Me - Dittos fo sho sho
KL - [finishing previous thought process] that I know wont bite my head off for speaking up. I didn't really learn much from my High School. (No I don't know where she went)
Me - That says about 50/50 though, if you REALLY want to learn you will. At the same time some schools don't help their students enough.
KL - I don't really think people get anything out of copying definitions and footnotes :/ .
Me - Like I said it depends on how badly you want to learn. It's a lot harder to learn that way but if you REALLY want to learn you'll also read all the information and maybe even read outside sources, etc.
KL - I think they should find a better way to teach, relate the things to things we know so they stay with us.
Me - *shrugs* I think that's something the student should have to do especially in High School, because once you're in college it's "fuck you" xD.
KL - Well that's shitty especially if you pay for that shit. They should be better teachers.
Me - No it's only shitty if you waste your money.
KL - I don't think it should be that way. :/ That's why I'm scared to go to college.
Me - Just so you know if you go to Germany they are a lot stricter than some of our colleges when it comes to things you already should know, etc. (I realize not all German colleges are this way and yes I realize some US schools are VERY strict)
KL - I have such a temper, I'd be like "WTF!? YOU PRICK!"
Me - Probably not the best approach to College.
KL - grrrasdfghjkl That's SO fucked.
Me - Maybe in person college isn't your thing? Well it's not ALL ABOUT YOU it's about everyone and if they have to kneel down to you it's like wasting everyone else's time and money.
KL - Meeh
Me - I mean there are office hours you can go talk to you professor.
KL - Well they could kneel down to everyone!
Me - No see in college you kneel to yourself. You study, you make study groups. It's not the professors time to hold your hand and force feed you info, it's not their job.
KL - Study groups??? (this honestly shocked me that she had no idea what I meant)
Me - Yes. Like a group of people who study together.
KL - Sheeesssh I hate people.
Me - Okay, then you study alone xD.

This is when the conversation is turned to a "how people act" in person dealio. But I hope to raise more important topics from KL and see what she thinks. I don't mean to dis her but it shows what some people think about colleges and other ideas. Like yesterday's on blogging. Also JE might make more appearances at a later time but those would be much more serious convos are just plain silly ones. Also please don't ask for names, I will NOT give out any names beyond my own. I will tell you that KL is from Florida and JE is from Michigan. From time to time I might give an update on how the person is doing or how our friendship is going but beyond that really you wont be getting much.... unless you pay attention ;)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blog Fight

Here's a quick bit from a conversation I just had with my friends.

KL - Shesh livejournal is so confusing.
KL - Do you have one?
Me - A lonnnnnnng time ago
Me- Yes
Me - But I use blogspot now
KL - Blogspot is so plain
KL - and lame
Me - Livejournal is for kiddies who need to grow up
JE - Blogging is gay
KL - Your mom is gay
JE - Zing!
KL - What is "zing"?

Disclaimer he JE doesn't use "gay" as an insult it was a joke.
Side note go see HP6!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Northern Michigan University

So now that I'm settled in and out of class and such I guess I'll inform everyone about what's going on. I arrived in Marquette on the 14th with my mom and grandma and they stayed up here till my birthday on the 16th so that we could do some around the town "where is everything at" stuff. It snowed on the 16th but the 15th was a beautiful day so I didn't mind too much. So far I've said "hi" to about 4 people, I don't bump into many people and things are fairly quiet. My class is MU 125, Music in Society, today was the first day so I had to wake up at 7am which was a complete change from my normal "don't wake me up before 10" deal. When I got there it wasn't that big of a class MAYBE 20 people, I think less or at least it feels that way. The professor commented on my signature by asking "are you premed?" which made me smile to which I said "no I'm a zoology major" then he goes ".... all you scientist have the same writing" which made me laugh to myself he was trying to be nice not mean like it might seem. On the 17th the day before class started I went for a hiking trip over to Hogsback Mountain. Once I finally made it to the summit I was completely taken back by the beautiful scenery, You could see for miles in every direction, I loved it.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Less than Moments

Hey everyone! I've just been doing a bunch of yard work and cleaning lately, getting things sorted out before I move next Wednesday (May 13th). If you don't know I'll be moving to Marquette, Michigan to go to school at Northern Michigan University. My spring course is MU125 - Music in Society, no i'm not a music major or anything like that I'm just doing a liberal art requirement, my major is Zoology. Well I still have a lot of sorting to do so I'll update everyone with more later!